The EIT Digital Master of Science is a two-year programme where students are asked to attend courses at two top universities, in two different countries, belonging to the EIT network of university partners. The programme leads to a double degree (a Master of Science from each of the two universities attended) and an EIT label certificate, that summarises the specific characteristics of this advanced level education.

First year

The first year attended at the Entry University consists of a set of core courses, which provide an introduction to the field and cover the main topics of the major, constituting a common technical base competence. There are also some elective courses which may be taken as preparation for the second year specialisation, or to broaden the entrepreneurial learning or to foster the academic education.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summer School

In between the first and second year, students attend a 2-week Summer School, which is organised by different action lines of EIT Digital, with a strong participation from the side of the industry. Summer Schools take place at different locations throughout Europe, supporting a multidisciplinary and international dimension, with a clear EIT Digital flavour to education. Each thematic Summer Programme is supposed to stimulate the entrepreneurial mindset and to provide an application context for business development activities. This gamut of experiences and the exposure to cultural and linguistic differences will also help students succeed in becoming leaders in global markets.

Second year

For the second year, students select a specialisation to study at the Exit University and a thesis project. The thesis may be carried out during the internship in a company outside the university. The minimum length of the internship should be three months and will typically be integrated with the thesis work during the 2nd semester.

Master’s Thesis project

The Master’s thesis shall be performed according to the rules and regulations of the Exit University, but it has to fulfil the rules of Politecnico di Milano as well. After graduating at the Exit University, students have to sit a Graduation Session at Polimi and present their thesis for receiving the Master’s Degree (in Computer Science and Engineering) from our side.

Entrepreneurial Education (I&E Minor)

All technical majors are integrated with the Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) Minor for entrepreneurial education. I&E Education has a significant position within the EIT Digital Master School, following the philosophy of EIT to effectuate students towards transferring their knowledge and ideas into new feasible businesses. Entrepreneurial skills are considered a core competency of top talent in any organisation. Best-in-class engineers and researchers combine excellence in science and technology with outstanding entrepreneurial behaviour. Therefore, four modules of Innovation and Entrepreneurship are offered at all universities within the two years. For the first study year, the I&E Basics course builds fundamental knowledge of innovation and entrepreneurship matters. The Business Development Lab and the thematic Summer Schools provide hands-on experience of innovation and new business development. The I&E course modules will be increasingly offered in a blended format, with online modules, resources and innovative teaching methods (blended I&E Education).

Unique features of the EIT Digital Programme

  • Strong integration of technical education in the ICT field in Europe’s premier technical university with a “business” oriented strand (I&E Education)

  • A strong network through EIT Digital business partners to help students accelerate their ICT Innovation development.

  • Flexible combination of organizational and geographical mobility across a Pan-European network and ecosystem.

  • Team-building for all students in the form of “School and Camp” at European level (i.e. Kick-Off event, I&E Summer Schools, Graduation Day) and global Alumni network.

Tuition fees and Scholarship

In order to attract outstanding talent, financial support is offered by EIT Digital, including a wide range of merit-based scholarships as well as tuition fee reductions and waivers. Further information and updates on the Master School website at this link.

Tuition fees to Politecnico di Milano are totally waived for EIT Digital students!

Moreover, in June, every year sees a local call to assign benefits for the right to study (“Diritto allo Studio” or DSU). In addition to your merit-based EIT Digital Scholarship, you may also be eligible for this additional local scholarship from the University, which is financed by the Lombardy government and the Italian Ministry for Education. The amount of this local scholarship varies depending on the economic conditions. See here for more details.