Application calls

Application Periods for 2023/24 intake
Refer to the website of EIT Digital Master School:
Application Periods for 2022/23 intake

Parallel Entry Students: by 30 Sept 2022
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Period 3: 19 Apr 2022 – 9 May 2022, 17:00 (CEST)


Period 2: 9 Feb 2022 – 11 Apr 2022, 17:00 (CEST)


Period 1: 15 Nov 2021 – 3 Feb 2022, 17:00 (CET)

  International students graduating outside Italy need to submit also a local application through the Online Services of POLIMI, in addition to the main application through the EIT Digital portal.

  Please be aware that there is a limited number of available study offers. If interested, get in touch ASAP with Federico Schiepatti

If you choose POLIMI as one of your preferences for the first year, please consider specific application procedures and deadlines according to your citizenship and country of bachelor studies. Select here your profile and follow the instructions in the proper tab below

International Applicants with non-Italian degreesApplicants from a Laurea Triennale (graduating in Italy)

Specific Instructions for International Applicants

If you intend to select POLIMI as one possible entry destination in your EIT Digital study trajectory, and if you have a degree obtained outside Italy, you should submit also a local application through the Online Services of POLIMI in addition to the main EIT Digital application. Your POLIMI application will be linked by our Student Office to your main EIT Digital application and it will be subject to the final results of the general selection process at EIT Digital level.

How to apply at Polimi level

Your local application through Polimi Online Services requires only a few steps and it’s done entirely online.

  1. First of all, you need to register for POLIMI Online Services:
  2. Then, fill out the online application form on POLIMI Online Services, labelled: “Apply to a Master of Science programme (only for international and Italian candidates graduated abroad): Submit online application form, results release and enrolment
  3. All the EIT Digital candidates should apply for the local MSc programme in “Computer Science and Engineering” (regardless of the specific EIT Digital study path, you won’t see it in the list). At this stage you need to select the general study track T2A Computer Science and Engineering. You will be moved to the proper EIT Digital study track afterwards.
  4. Upload the required documents. You can provide the same application documents that you are using for the main EIT Digital application on the Master School’s portal: Bachelor’s documents, English certificate, Letter of motivation, Curriculum Vitae. Additional documents for Polimi: program of bachelor courses and a reference letter from a professor or employer.

  More information about the local application process can be found here.

  EIT candidates don’t have to pay the local application fee to POLIMI, nor the administrative fee. Please, ignore the last step with the payment request and ignore any automated reminders/emails asking for the POLIMI application fee. As such, your local application is considered valid only for the EIT Digital programme and your admission to POLIMI is subordinated to the final results of the general EIT Digital selection process. Only if you intend to apply to Polimi for its local MSc programmes independently of the EIT Digital Master School, or if you are also applying for other local master degrees not related to EIT, in these cases the regular Polimi’s application fee is due.

Specific Instructions for Applicants from Italian Universities (Laurea Triennale)

If you have (or if you are completing) the Laurea Triennale in Italy, you just need to apply through the EIT Digital Application Portal.

If interested, get in touch ASAP with Federico Schiepatti, programme manager at Politenico di Milano

What you need to do

No additional local application to POLIMI is needed at this stage. Based on the results of your main application through the EIT Digital portal, if you are successfully accepted to the Master School with Polimi as your first-year university, then we will follow up directly with you about the next steps for completing the enrolling at Polimi level. Registrations to Polimi open yearly from July to August, with enrolment in September (first semester intake).

For conditionally admitted students (not graduated yet), the bachelor degree is required by November to finalize the enrolment in Polimi.

  We strongly encourage you to get in touch in advance with our dedicated staff at Polimi, for any advice on your application, writing to We are available for orientation interviews and we may provide guidance along the admission process.
This programme at Polimi is most suited for applicants coming from computer engineering studies (corsi di laurea triennale nella classe L-8 Ingegneria dell’Informazione)

  If you are a student from Ingegneria Informatica at Politecnico di Milano, you can easily obtain the required academic documentation for your application in pdf (proof of current enrolment or degree certificate, transcript of records with all the exams passed), signed and stamped, by writing an email to We offer a dedicated support to EIT Digital applicants, so let’s get in touch!

The EIT Digital programmes at POLIMI are specific study tracks within the MSc degree in Computer Science and Engineering. Therefore, this entry university is best suited for applicants with a bachelor degree in Computer Engineering (or equivalent background)

For any doubt, take a look at the specific FAQ about applications. Should you need any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help you:

  Study trajectory: entry and exit university

In your EIT Digital application, you can express up to three preferences as entry university and three preferences as exit university. We invite you to put Politecnico di Milano once, as your first preference for the entry university. On the exit-year side, select up to three exit universities that you would like to attend for the second year, in the order of your preference. In the end, based on the availability of places at each university and on their evaluation of your application, you will receive a study offer on a specific trajectory of entry-exit university combination.

  Language requirements for Polimi as entry university

If you choose Polimi for the first year, make sure that you have a valid English proficiency test. You need to submit the English proof at the same time as your EIT Digital application through the EIT Digital portal.

  • IELTS >= 6
  • CAE (Cambridge Advanced): grades A-C are accepted
  • FCE (Cambridge First): only grades A-B are accepted
  • TOEFL IBT >= 78
  • TOEIC >= 720

Here is the full list of accepted English tests for Polimi.

Ensure that your English certificate also meets the requirements of the chosen exit university. Only if you select an exit university in Spain, France, Sweden or Finland, you just need to satisfy the entry requirements for Polimi, as those universities don’t have further English conditions for exit-year students. The other exit universities may have different English requirements even for the second year.

We invite you to check on the EIT Digital website under the section University-specific language tests and exemptions.

English proficiency tests are waived for applicants who:

  • have completed a bachelor degree fully taught in English. The instruction language of the bachelor degree has to be stated in the degree certificate or its supplement, or in the transcript of records.

  Required documents for your EIT Digital application

Check directly on the EIT Digital website the documentation that you need to prepare for your application.

Tips for improving your CV and Letter of Motivation

On the EIT Digital application portal, among the other required documents, you also need to upload a CV and a letter of motivation with a business idea that shows your entrepreneurial mindset and potential as tomorrow’s innovator. Here is some advice for you!

Your CV

Your CV should address these questions: What do I know and what have I studied? What experience do I have? What are my skills?

Consider mentioning:

  • Education, previous and current studies, main subjects chosen
  • Other learning opportunities, such as extracurricular courses, training courses, crash courses, exchange programmes and study experiences abroad
  • Hackathons, competitions, prizes and awards
  • Relevant projects you have worked on, both in the academic context or outside university
  • Training and jobs, internships, also temporary and voluntary work, sports and artistic activities
  • Technical skills, programming languages, soft skills
  • English proficiency and other languages

Important: make your CV easy to read and clear, with an appealing layout! Online you may find very pleasant and nice CV templates to start with.

Your Letter of Motivation with an innovative/business idea

For the EIT Digital application, consider that you need to write a letter of motivation (max 2 pages) which should contain both your motivations and an innovative/business idea, possibly related to the programme you are applying for (eg. Data Science, Human-Computer Interaction and Design, Fintech).

For the business idea, focus on a real problem, address specific needs and propose your solution exploiting, for instance, data science, interactive technologies and interfaces, or applications of financial technology. Depending on your topic, the emphasis may vary, still you may consider the following as general guidelines:

  • What problem is your idea addressing, and why should we care?
  • What is the concrete output? Eg. an app, a service, a tool, a product…
  • What are the key strengths of your solution?
  • How does it meet the initial needs and requirements?
  • What are the stakeholders and what value are you bringing to them with your solution?
  • Are there possible competitors and how is your solution positioned? What competitive edge?
  • What impact could your solution have? Is it societally relevant?

We suggest that you always personalise a motivation letter according to the recipient, in this case to the EIT Digital Master School, avoiding general phrases, such as “to whom it may concern”. Be focused and address it to the EIT Digital Selection Committee, referring to the key features of this programme. Try to communicate why this is the ideal programme for you and why you should be an ideal candidate for it! Find the right balance between ambition, determination and humility. Your letter shouldn’t convey arrogance nor meekness, but show your willingness to learn, to step out of your comfort zone, and commitment to move to the next level in your study and professional career!

Find here further general tips about how to write your CV and cover letter, provided by our Polimi Career Service. These indications will turn out very useful also when the time comes to apply for future job positions!

Best of luck with your application!

Polimi Staff for the EIT Digital Master School