Applications for 2021/22 (September intake)

A second round of applications for academic year 2021/22 is now OPEN on the EIT Digital Application Portal – apply until April 12th 2021 (last application period for 2021/22).

If you choose POLIMI as one of your preferences for the entry year, please consider the following instructions.

Candidates with an Italian bachelor qualification are evaluated directly on the EIT Digital portal. No additional local application to POLIMI is needed at this stage. If successfully accepted for starting the programme at Polimi, you will be contacted and invited to submit your local admission request through Polimi’s Online Services during the summer (even if not graduated yet). Bachelor graduation is required by October.
We strongly encourage you to get in touch with our dedicated staff in advance, writing to We are available for orientation interviews and we may provide guidance along the admission process. At this specific email address, Polimi bachelor’s students may also request their academic documentation needed for the EIT Digital application.

Candidates with a non-Italian bachelor qualification: if you intend to be evaluated for POLIMI as one possible entry destination in your EIT Digital study trajectory, in addition to the main EIT Digital application, you should submit also a local application through the Online Services of POLIMI. It is totally free and does not bind your final choice. It requires only a few steps and it’s done entirely online.

Check all the required documents for your application directly on the EIT Digital Master School’s website.

Specific instructions for International Applicants

The following instructions apply ONLY to EIT Digital candidates graduated or graduating OUTSIDE ITALY (providing a non-Italian Bachelor). You need to apply in advance also at Polimi level in order to get evaluated for this entry university. Both steps should be completed by the following deadlines:

Application Period 1 (CLOSED)

  • Main EIT Digital application (Period 1): from 16 November to 3 February 2021 
  • Polimi local application to be submitted online: from 12 January to 3 February 2021

Application Period 2 (NOT recommended for non-EU students requiring VISA)

  • Main EIT Digital application (Period 2): from 10 February to 12 April 2021 
  • Polimi local application to be submitted online: by 12 April (*)

(*) In period 2, non-EU/EEA candidates must submit their POLIMI application by 9 March as a local anticipated deadline.

Your POLIMI application will be linked by our Office to your main EIT Digital application and it will be subject to the final results of the general selection process at EIT Digital level. At the end of the selection process, if you receive from EIT Digital a study offer with POLIMI as your entry destination, you will receive further instructions from our side and you will be invited to complete your local admission to POLIMI.

Your local application through POLIMI Online Services requires only a few steps and it’s done entirely online.

First of all, you need to register for POLIMI Online Services:

  • Fill out the online application form on POLIMI Online Services, labelled: “Apply to a Master of Science programme (only for international and Italian candidates graduated abroad): Submit online application form, results release and enrolment”
  • All the EIT Digital candidates should apply for the local MSc programme in “Computer Science and Engineering” 
  • Upload all the required documents

You can provide the same application documents that you are using for your EIT Digital application on the Master School portal (Bachelor’s documents, English certificate, Letter of motivation, Curriculum Vitae). In addition, POLIMI requires also a letter of reference written by one of your professors or employer (you can upload it by yourself during the application procedure) and a brief but detailed description of the content of each course taken.

IMPORTANT: EIT Digital candidates don’t have to pay to Polimi the local application fee, nor the administrative fee. As such, your local application is considered valid only for the EIT Digital study tracks (within the MSc in Computer Science and Engineering) and your admission to POLIMI is subordinated to the final results of the general EIT Digital selection process. Please, ignore the last step with the payment request and ignore any automated reminders/emails asking for the POLIMI application fee.

Only if you intend to apply to Polimi for its local programmes and be evaluated independently of EIT Digital admission results, or if you are applying also for other local master degrees not executing the EIT Digital Master School, then in such cases the Polimi’s application fee is due.

The EIT Digital programmes in Data Science, Fintech, Digital Manufacturing, and Human-Computer Interaction & Design implemented at POLIMI are specific study tracks within the MSc in Computer Science and Engineering. Therefore, this entry university is best suited for applicants with a bachelor degree in Computer Engineering (or equivalent background). This means a strong base of ICT, computer science, programming and engineering courses in your transcript of records, including physics and math courses at academic level.

Before starting your application, please check POLIMI’s country-specific requirements.

For any doubt, take a look at the specific FAQ about applications. Should you need any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us. Just send an email to

Best wishes!

Polimi Staff for the EIT Digital Master School