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The EIT Digital Master School is a double degree programme in Computer Science and Engineering, with different study paths in technical domains of ICT and a focus on Innovation & Entrepreneurship, to equip students with cutting-edge technical knowledge and business skills.

Data Science

Within the EIT Digital programme in Data Science (DSC) students learn about scalable data collection techniques, data analysis methods, and a suite of tools and technologies that address data capture, processing, storage, transfer, analysis, and visualization.

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Human-Computer Interaction & Design

The HCID programme focuses on the study, design, development and evaluation of novel user interfaces and interactive systems which take into account human cognitive and sensory-motor responses and how these influence both technological and business requirements.

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The Fintech is the ideal master’s degree programme for the next generation of computer scientists who will apply innovative technological solutions in a key emerging sector such as Digital Finance.

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EIT Digital Master School: 2 Years, 2 Universities, 2 Degrees

The EIT Digital Master School at Politecnico di Milano is a European double master’s degree programme in Computer Science and Engineering in collaboration between the best technical universities, supported by top research institutes and leading business organisations. The Master School offers specific study tracks which combine technical competence with skills in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. We aim at educating computer engineers to become digital transformers and innovators for European economic growth and improved quality of life.

By joining EIT Digital Master School, you are not just starting a master’s degree programme, you are stepping into a leading European open innovation organisation that brings together a partnership of over 200 top European corporations, SMEs, start-ups, universities and research institutes. Our students have the opportunity to collaborate with EIT Digital’s industrial partners and bring innovation to the market as part of their Innovation and Entrepreneurship studies. You will gain first-hand experience through the innovation activities hosted, managed and financed by EIT Digital, focusing on Europe´s strategic areas for Digital Transformation.

You can choose the study track that best suits your career aspirations and intellectual interests. Each one is designed to address the most innovative and industry-relevant fields, from advanced interactive technologies to artificial intelligence and data science applications in key emerging sectors.

You attend the first year at Politecnico di Milano (entry university) and the second year at another University in Europe (exit university), chosen during your EIT Digital application. In 2 years and with 120 credits, the programme leads to a double degree (a specific master’s degree from each of the two universities attended) and to the EIT certificate, issued by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, which summarises the specific characteristics of this advanced-level education.

Unique features of the EIT Digital Programme

Top Technical Universities

Strong integration of technical education in Europe’s premier universities with a business oriented strand for entrepreneurial education

Education, Research and Business Integration

An overarching network through EIT Manufacturing business partners, companies and research institutes to help students accelerate their innovation development

Pan-European Community

A true sense of community and inclusion for a network of trust which brings together students, teachers, researchers and dedicated staff across universities as a unique distributed educational network at European level

International Mobility

Flexible combination of organizational and geographical mobility across our Pan-European ecosystem to expand students’ network, enhance learning opportunities in constant dialogue with business and industrial partners

Team Building

Team-building events for all the EIT students in the form of “School and Camp” at European level (i.e. Kick-Off event, I&E Summer Schools, Graduation Day) and global Alumni network


A merit-based scholarship programme to attract and sustain the best talent worldwide, always granting total exemption from local university fees

First year

The first year attended at Politecnico di Milano (entry university) consists of a set of core courses, which provide an introduction to the study field and cover the main topics of the technical major, constituting a common technical base competence. There is also a portfolio of elective courses which may be taken as a preparation for the second year specialisation, or to broaden entrepreneurial learning or to foster academic education. All the technical majors (Data Science, Human-Computer Interaction and Design, Fintech) are complemented by a minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, which is in common and embedded in all the EIT Digital study tracks, offering an ideal combination of technology and business.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Summer School

In between the first and second year, students attend a 2-week Summer School, which is organised along with different innovation focus areas of EIT Digital, with strong participation from the side of the industry. Different Summer Schools take place at various locations throughout Europe, supporting a multidisciplinary and international dimension, with a clear EIT Digital flavour to education. Each one focuses on a societally-relevant thematic area, proposed and supported by one of the EIT Digital innovation focus areas, to stimulate the entrepreneurial mindset providing an application context for business development activities. This gamut of experiences and exposure to cultural and linguistic differences will also help students succeed in becoming leaders in global markets.

Second year, Internship and Master Thesis

In the second year, students attend a cutting-edge specialisation at one of the other partner universities in Europe, selected as exit university. In the end, all the second-year exams taken at the exit university are transferred and recognised into students’ Polimi career, upon personalized learning agreements for the year abroad. At the exit university, students undertake the thesis project and it may be carried out during the internship in a company chosen outside the university. The minimum length of the internship should be three months, combined with the thesis work during the 2nd semester of the exit year.

The master thesis shall be performed according to the rules and regulations of the exit university, but it has to fulfil the rules of Politecnico di Milano as well. After graduating at the Exit University and obtaining their Master’s Degree, students are supposed to present their thesis also on Polimi side, in one of the official graduation session, in order to obtain the Master’s Degree from our side too (namely, the Laurea Magistrale in Computer Science and Engineering).

Tuition Fees and Scholarships

In order to attract outstanding talent, financial support is offered by EIT Digital, including a wide range of merit-based scholarships and waivers. Further information, participation costs and updates on the Master School website at this link.

Local university taxes, both at Politecnico di Milano and at the exit university, are always totally waived off for all the EIT Digital students!

Italian students can be awarded a monthly scholarship offered by Fondazione Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP), thanks to a special agreement with EIT Digital Italy to support tomorrow’s digital talent.

Moreover, in June, Polimi publishes a special call for the assignment of financial aids for the Right to Study (“Diritto allo Studio” or DSU). In addition to your merit-based EIT Digital Scholarship, you may also be eligible for this additional economic support from the University, which is financed by the Lombardy government and the Italian Ministry for Education. The amount of this local scholarship varies depending on the economic conditions. See here for more details about the DSU benefits.