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EIT Digital Education
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Discover our EIT Digital double degrees!

The EIT Digital Master School is a double degree programme in Computer Science and Engineering, with different study paths in technical domains of ICT and a focus on Innovation & Entrepreneurship, to equip students with cutting-edge technical knowledge and business skills. You can attend the first year at Politecnico di Milano and complete the second year at another university in Europe.

Choose the program that best suits your interest and career aspirations. Each one is designed to address the most innovative and industry-relevant fields of information and communication technology.

Data Science

Data Science

Within the EIT Digital programme in Data Science (DSC) students learn about scalable data collection techniques, data analysis methods, and a suite of tools and technologies that address data capture, processing, storage, transfer, analysis, and visualization.

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Human-Computer Interaction & Design

Human-Computer Interaction & Design

The HCID programme focuses on the study, design, development and evaluation of novel user interfaces and interactive systems which take into account human cognitive and sensory-motor responses and how these influence both technological and business requirements.

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Fintech aims at the application of digital technology and innovation to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of new financial services, resulting in new phenomena like digitized monetary networks or asset-light banking systems.

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EIT Digital Master School: 2 Years, 2 Universities, 2 Degrees

The EIT Digital Programme at Politecnico di Milano

Application Periods for 2024/25 intake
Refer to the website of EIT Digital Master School: https://masterschool.eitdigital.eu/
Double Degree

EIT Digital Master School is a double degree programme in cooperation with a network of European universities, research centres and companies. Students attend two universities in two different countries, leading to two distinct master’s degrees, one from each university, as well as a certificate issued by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)

Master's Degree issued by Polimi

Computer Science and Engineering (laurea magistrale LM-32 Ingegneria Informatica, equivalent to master’s degree)

Study tracks available at Politecnico di Milano:
Data Science
Human-Computer Interaction & Design


2 academic years, 120 ECTS credits. Starting September. First year at Politecnico di Milano and second year at one of the partner universities in Europe

Tuition Fees

EIT Digital students don’t pay local university taxes to study at Politecnico and at the exit university (total exemption for the whole duration of the programme).

The costs for attending EIT Digital Master School are paid directly to EIT Digital Education Foundation and depend on the student’s citizenship.

  • Citizen of an EU/EEA country: 5.000 € per academic year
  • Citizen of a Non-EU/EEA country: 15.000 per academic year

In order to attract talent, financial support is offered by EIT Digital, including merit-based scholarships and waivers, to the top applicants in each programme and at each entry university. More details here.

Besides the scholarships offered by EIT Digital, top-ranked Italian students can be awarded a generous monthly scholarship offered by Fondazione Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP), thanks to a special agreement with EIT Digital Italy to support tomorrow’s digital talent.

Moreover, yearly in June, Polimi publishes a call for the assignment of financial aids for the Right to Study (“Diritto allo Studio” or DSU), based on family economic conditions. See here for more details about the DSU benefits.

We are a pan-European Community,
not just a double degree