Application FAQ

Application FAQ

What makes me an ideal candidate for Polimi?

Your bachelor studies must satisfy the conditions required by our regulation for admission to the local Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering. All our EIT Digital study tracks are implemented within this specific MSc programme at POLIMI.

The following conditions will make you a very suitable candidate and greatly enhance your chances of being admitted at POLIMI level:

- Make sure you have a competitive academic record. Typically, we recommend for international students a grade point average (GPA) more than 3.4/4 or 4.24/5, that's a B+. The higher the better, obviously. Although GPA score is important, it is not the only element which is evaluated as part of the selection process. The selection committee will review also your CV, your working experience and your letter of motivation.

- Check our country-specific requirements.

- Make sure you have well-suited bachelor to apply for our local 'Computer Science and Engineering' Master of Science: this means a strong base of ICT, computer science and programming, in addition to engineering basics in your transcript of records, including physics and math courses at academic level.

Please note that, upon admission at Polimi, the programme coordinator can still specify some constraints on the choice of the elective courses to be included within the first-year study plan, in order to compensate possible lacks in basic prerequisites or to avoid repeating similar courses that you have already taken (personalised study plan).

- If you are a local bachelor student from POLIMI (Ingegneria Informatica), we suggest that you include in your bachelor study plan all the courses which are conditions for admission to the Laurea Magistrale in Computer Science and Engineering (e.g. Fisica Tecnica and Meccanica). If you haven't taken those exams during your bachelor, the Admission Committee will likely put them as "to-do" in your first-year Master's study plan (as obligations or "obblighi formativi"). So we advise you to take those courses at the bachelor level, even as extra ("sovrannumero").

Admission requirements are the same as for the local Laurea Magistrale in Computer Science and Engineering.

I hold a bachelor obtained IN ITALY. What I need to do?

You need to apply directly through the EIT Digital application portal, in period 1 (November-February) or period 2 (February-April).

For any information and advice, do not hesitate to reach out to us via email:

If you finally get accepted in the programme, with POLIMI as your entry university, we'll get in touch with you providing further instructions about your local registration at Polimi.

Local admission and formal enrolment on the Laurea Magistrale will be completed during the Summer (July-September), through the regular admission call for students with Italian bachelor qualification.

I'm completing the local Laurea Triennale at POLIMI. Any specific instruction or advice?

If you are completing the Laurea Triennale in Ingegneria Informatica at Polimi or if you have already obtained your qualification, you can ask our office for the documentation of your academic career (confirmation of current enrolment in the last year or degree certificate and transcript of records) that you need to upload on your EIT Digital application.

Just write an email to specifying your person code and ask for the documentation. We warmly invite all our local bachelor students from Polimi to get in touch with us if you need any guidance in the selection of the study trajectory or any advice for a fruitful preparation of your application. Happy to help!

For your local application to Polimi, you will submit your admission request in July-September, using the regular call for students with Italian qualification.

If you are still completing your studies, you need to submit your admission request for the Laurea Magistrale in July-September call, then you will finalise the enrolment after your graduation (in September/October).

I hold a bachelor obtained OUTSIDE ITALY. What I need to do?

If you have a non-Italian bachelor qualification (or if you are currently completing your bachelor’s studies outside Italy), POLIMI's International Admission Office needs to process your local application on the local Online Services, before confirming the results of your EIT application.

If we wait for the end of the EIT Digital selection process, it would be too late for you to apply at POLIMI level. That's why we ask for a "conditional" application to have your documents processed in time at a local level, in case of successful admission to the EIT Digital Master School with POLIMI as entry.

As an EIT Digital candidate, your local application is totally free and it does not bind your final choice. 

Being a conditional application means that your admission to POLIMI is subject to the final admission to the EIT Digital Master School.  If you are finally admitted at EIT Digital level with POLIMI as your entry university, our local Admission Office will get in touch with you just to finalise the last steps for enrolling.

Please, let us know (email at: if you are going to apply for any other Master of Science at POLIMI independently of the results of the EIT Digital selections.

More info:

Do I need to pay the local application fee or the administrative fee on POLIMI's Online Services?

No, as an EIT Digital candidate you don’t have to pay to Polimi the local application fee, nor the administrative fee. As such, your local application is considered valid only for admission to the EIT Digital study tracks (within the MSc in Computer Science and Engineering) and results are subject to final acceptance at the EIT Digital Master School level.

Please go through all the steps of the local application and complete it. Just skip the last step requiring application fee payment. EIT Digital candidates are exempted. Please, ignore any automated reminder that might come from the Online Services regarding your application: your application will be assessed even though on the platform the payment is marked as not completed.

The application fee is due only if you intend to apply to Polimi independently of EIT Digital results or if you are applying also for other local master degrees (that are not executing the EIT Digital Master School programmes) in addition to Computer Science and Engineering, since you are asking to be evaluated as a normal local applicant.

What Polimi MSc do I need to apply for? I cannot find the EIT Digital programmes in the catalogue

You must choose for your POLIMI application the local master degree course in Computer Science and Engineering. All our EIT Digital majors are implemented as specific study tracks within this local Study Course.

At this stage, you won’t be able to select the specific EIT Digital track when applying for Computer Science and Engineering, but only the general track (T2A - Computer Science and Engineering). If your EIT Digital application is finally accepted, upon enrolment our Student Office will move you to the correct EIT Digital study track.

What documents do I need to provide for my Polimi application?

Here's the list of the required documents for your POLIMI application.

As for the transcript of records, your Bachelor qualification (degree or a proof of current enrolment in the last year), English proof, and Curriculum Vitae, you can use the same files as the ones you uploaded to EIT Digital application portal. Your letter of motivation can be the same as well, or you can tailor it more specifically for POLIMI (it's up to you).

Additional documents (required for completing your POLIMI application)

Only if your bachelor is done outside Italy, you need to upload also a letter of recommendation/reference, written by a current or former professor of your university. In case you have completed your studies a few years ago and it is not possible to get a letter from your former professor, a letter written by your manager or employer may be accepted. You can upload the recommendation letter by your own, together with all the other application documents when submitting your application online, or you can have the letter sent by your referee directly to our local office at POLIMI: Please, let us know if there is any problem with this regard.

Applicants with a bachelor from other universities (in Italy or abroad) must upload also a pdf file with a short but detailed description of main topics covered in your bachelor courses

The description of the courses taken in the bachelor can be downloaded directly from the information systems of your university, otherwise it can be copied from the university course catalogue/syllabus, or may be found in the Diploma Supplement. Please, make a single pdf file and upload it online in your POLIMI application.

The file with the description of courses can be uploaded also later on, if you finally get accepted at Polimi, in order to finalise your admission.

Do I need to send any document by post to Polimi?

No, the local application process is entirely online.

I received the letter of acceptance and I got admitted. What next?

Congratulation and welcome aboard!!

Make sure you get everything ready for starting your next academic year in Milano, following the admission guidelines at this link:

Our dedicated Student Office will follow up directly with you and will provide guidance on the next steps.

Remember that you need to accept your admission at the EIT Digital level. Looking forward to welcoming you on campus in September!

For any further question, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the local EIT Digital Office at Politecnico di Milano:

We’ll be happy to help you!