If you received the Acceptance Letter by the Master School Office of EIT Digital…

Congratulations on your admission and welcome aboard !

  • If you hold an Italian bachelor: you will be invited to apply in July-September using the standard call for application. After your graduation (bachelor level) you’ll be able to complete the enrolment in September.

  • If you are an international candidate (graduated outside Italy): you have already submitted your conditional application for POLIMI (for EU or non-EU candidates), using the dedicated call for Application. You are now able to view the results on the Online Services and proceed with your local enrolment.

For more information about accepting the admission at POLIMI and further steps, please refer to the Official Admission Guidelines. Important exception which applies only to EIT Digital admitted students: you DO NOT have to pay any administrative fee to POLIMI. Just ignore the step “Pay the administrative fees” mentioned in the general guidelines, and skip it.

International Candidates

Make sure you get everything ready for starting your next academic year in Milano. So… What to do once admitted?


Please, note that you need to accept your admission through the Online Sevices in order to get your Letter of Admission from POLIMI. The digital copy of the letter provided by the system is an official document and it is valid for your visa application.

APPLY FOR VISA (for NON-EU students residing abroad only)

Before your arrivalNon-EU/EEA citizens residing abroad need to apply for a Study VISA issued by the Italian Diplomatic representatives in the country of residence. Check out deadlines and more details in our guideline for VISA application.

From March to July you need to contact Italian Diplomatic Representatives for documents legalization and Visa procedure. Deadline for the pre-application may be set individually by every single Italian Diplomatic Representatives (Embassy / Consulate/ Italian Institute of Culture), so you are advised to contact the nearest one as soon as possible for detailed information. You can take the pre-enrollment forms to the Italian Embassy or Consulate. If the pre-application is successful, you must then apply for an entry VISA for study purposes through either the Embassy or the Italian Consulate in your country. Notice that you may apply to only one Italian university and for only one course of studies (in our case, Computer Science and Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, providing our letter of acceptance with the study offer).

At this link you may find the list Italian Embassies and Consulates: Ministero degli Affari Esteri – Ambasciate.

Upon your arrival in Italy: you must apply for a Residence Permit within 8 working days from your arrival in Italy. Your VISA is NOT valid for legally residing in Italy for more than 90 days, so you need a Residence permit. The Residence Permit is issued by Police Headquarters (“Questura”) in Italy and entitles you to temporarily live in Italy. It is valid for a maximum of one year and, according to the current legislation, you need to renew it every year. Further details here. Just before classes start, we’ll organise a Welcome Week for all our international incoming students, providing all the instructions and forms for requesting the Residence Permit (and other useful practical information).


Whether you are European or non European, you will need to make sure you have a health coverage valid for Italy. Health insurance is mandatory in order to apply for the Residence Permit. Check the website for further info on how to proceed. Notice that if you don’t have a health insurance valid for Italy, you can buy one here. During the Welcome Week there will be an event dedicated to the health insurance.

GET YOUR “CODICE FISCALE” (TAX CODE) – through the International Students Office

If you haven’t done that yet, remember to upload your passport as .pdf file in the Personal Details section of your Online Services, in order to obtain your Tax Code through the International Students Office. 

You need to have your Tax Code for receiving your POLIMI student card and for many other services in Italy. For example, you need the Tax Code to open a bank account, sign any type of contract (rental, phone line, …), register at the National Healthcare Service (SSN), etc.

You do not need to request the “codice fiscale” personally at the local “Agenzia delle Entrate” (Tax Agency). Thanks to a special agreement with the “Agenzia delle Entrate” to simplify the issue of tax codes, POLIMI requests it on behalf of international students and delivers you a digital copy (by August/September). Notice that as you are an EIT Digital accepted student, you don’t have to pay the administrative fee for requesting your Tax Code through the International Students Office, you only need to upload a copy of your passport within your personal details on the Online Services.


This is a very delicate issue and it’s better to start as soon as possible taking care of it. All students must complete their online enrolment. As soon as you get the documents required for enrolment, please upload them as PDF file in your online admission application account, in the section “Enrolment documents”. The procedure must be completed entirely online by September.

In order to validate your online enrolment, you shall provide the original documents in person when you arrive on campus. Deadlines and modalities for the document assessment will be defined afterwards.


In seeking an accommodation, consider that most of classes are held in Milano Leonardo Campus.

POLIMI owns several dormitories for its students. Check the related website and find the most suitable option for you, considering that the online booking opens in June. You can apply and reserve your accommodation at this link:
Notice that POLIMI does not guarantee accommodation and that places are limited. So do not rely entirely on POLIMI’s residences. You might opt for other accommodation solutions provided by other external housing services (not POLIMI’s dormitories) or you might look for a private flat, to share or on your own.

Our International Exchange Office will be glad to provide information and support about this matter.


The best time to arrive in Milan is the beginning of September.

The Welcome Week for International Students is usually held the week before the beginning of classes. This means around the second week of September, so we would suggest that you plan your trip in order to be here by then. Your participation in the welcome week is not mandatory, although highly recommended.

Further useful and practical information about life in Milano:


For any question, doubt or concern, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we are happy to help you! Just send us an email at 

You can also contact the International Students Office, using the  dedicated communication tool on your Online Services, or by chat at, specifying that you’ve been accepted in the EIT Digital double degree programme.

We look forward to welcoming you in September and we wish you a great start with EIT Digital and POLIMI!

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