If you received the Acceptance Letter from the EIT Digital Master School Office…

Congratulations on your admission and welcome aboard!

Make sure you get everything ready for starting your next academic year at Politecnico di Milano. So… What to do next?


The local admission process differs according to your profile, whether you graduate outside Italy (international students) or from a university in Italy. Please check the next steps based on your case

International Admitted StudentsAdmitted Students from Italian Universities

Admission process with non-Italian bachelor degrees

You should have already submitted your application for Polimi using the reserved calls for international students. After receiving the letter of acceptance from EIT Digital, you will be also able to view the positive result of your local application on the Online Services of Polimi.

Remember that you need to accept both the EIT Digital admission offer (follow the instructions by EIT Digital on their portal) AND the local admission at POLIMI level.


To get your Local Admission Letter issued by Polimi, you need to:

  • enter the Online Services with your Polimi account
  • click on “Apply to a Master of Science programme (only for international and Italian candidates graduated abroad): Submit online application form, results release and enrolment
  • select the section “Master of science programme (s) selection” in the box on the left
  • click on the green circle and then on the accept button for the master’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering

The digital copy of the letter provided by the system is an official document and it is valid for your VISA application.

At this stage, refer to the general master degree in Computer Science and Engineering. You will be moved on the specific EIT Digital study track after the enrolment, directly by the Student Office.


Please, follow very carefully the instructions described in the guidelines for international prospective students with the only exception for the payment of the administrative fee (which is NOT due for EIT Digital students, so ignore that request).

In particular, complete the following steps in the guidelines:

  • Obtain your tax code (even if you don’t pay the administrative fee)
  • Prepare documents for your enrolment
  • Apply for a Student VISA (for NON-EU/EEA students residing abroad)
  • Upload your enrolment documents
  • Submit the documents uploaded



Whether you are European or non European, you will need to make sure you have a health coverage valid for Italy. Health insurance is mandatory in order to apply for the Residence Permit. Check the website for further info on how to proceed.


Upon your arrival in Italy, you must apply for a Residence Permit. Your VISA is NOT valid for legally residing in Italy for more than 90 days. The Residence Permit is issued by Police Headquarters (“Questura”) in Italy and entitles you to temporarily live in Italy. It is valid for a maximum of one year and, according to the current legislation, you need to renew it every year. Further details here.

Before classes start, the International Student Office organises a Welcome Week for all our international incoming students, providing all the instructions and forms to be filled in for requesting the Residence Permit (and other useful practical information).


Classes will start on campus around mid-September, so the best time to arrive in Milan is the beginning of September.

The Welcome Week for International Students is usually held the week before the beginning of classes (mid-September), so we would suggest that you plan your trip in order to be here by then. Your participation in the welcome week is not mandatory, although highly recommended in order to get all the practical information, especially for the residence permit, health insurance and other practicalities to live in Milano.

Further useful information about life in Milano:

Students graduating in Italy

You will be invited to register online to Politecnico di Milano during the Summer. From mid-July to the end of August, you need to submit the admission request for Computer Science and Engineering, with enrolment in September, even if you haven’t received the bachelor yet.

We can accept students graduating in September/October at the latest. In that case, you will enrol conditionally by mid-September and then you will finalise your enrolment right after your bachelor graduation. If you plan to graduate later in October from your former university, please specify this fact by writing an email to

We’ll send you a reminder when the admission process opens in July. The procedure is completed entirely online. If you haven’t already a Polimi account, you need first to register on the Online Services and fill in with your personal data (sezione ‘Dati Personali’). Make sure you also upload a picture of your Carta di Identità and Codice Fiscale for proper validation by the Registrar’s Office.

When the admission process opens, submit your Polimi application by the end of August, using the online service labelled ‘Ammissione alla Laurea Magistrale: presentazione domanda, passaggio di corso, consultazione esito e immatricolazione’.

Note: in the admission request, select the Laurea Magistrale in Computer Science and Engineering and choose the general track (T2A – Computer Science and Engineering). You won’t see any reference to the EIT Digital programme at this stage. After enrolment, the Student Office will move you to the correct EIT Digital study track.


In September you will be able to complete the enrolment. Please wait for our specific confirmation that your full exemption from the local university fees has been registered by Polimi’s tax office, so that the system doesn’t generate any payment request for the first instalment when you proceed with the final enrolment. Should the Polimi Online Services send you any automated payment request for the first instalment, remind that it is not due for EIT students, so do not pay and contact us asap:

After the enrolment, you will be contacted by the Student Office to show them the original degree certificate (if graduated abroad) and the English proficiency certificate that you have uploaded online in your Polimi application, so bring the original documents with you when you move to Milan. This is not necessary if you have taken the English test at an institution that sends the result electronically to the Polimi.

For the study plan submission, we will organise a dedicated info session in September, before classes start, as you will follow a dedicated and individual study path, according to the EIT Digital technical major to which you have been admitted.


In seeking accommodation in Milan, consider that most of the classes are held in Milano Leonardo Campus.

POLIMI owns several dormitories for its students. Check the website of Residenze Polimi and find the most suitable option for you, considering the online booking process opens yearly in June (stay tuned!). POLIMI does not guarantee accommodation and places are limited (assigned on a “first-come-first-served” basis). So do not rely entirely on POLIMI’s residences.

There are also affiliated residences and companies, having agreements with Polimi for accommodation and housing at special conditions. Otherwise, you might opt for other accommodation solutions provided by external housing services or you might look for a private flat to share with other students or on your own.


For any question, doubt or concern, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we are happy to help you! Just send us an email at and our dedicated staff will follow up.

For more specific questions related to international admissions, you can reach out directly through the contact functionalities inside your Polimi application procedure or you may contact the International Students Office by chat at, specifying that you’ve been accepted in the EIT Digital double degree programme.

We look forward to welcoming you in September and we wish you a great start with EIT Digital Master School at POLIMI!