How to apply for admission

Applications for 2020/21 will open soon (15 November)

Notes for applicants:

Both Data Science and Human-Computer Interaction & Design are specific study tracks within the POLIMI’s degree programme in Computer Science and Engineering (MSc). Therefore, this entry university is best suited for applicants with a bachelor in Computer Engineering (or equivalent programmes). This means a strong base of ICT, computer science, programming and engineering courses in your transcript of records, including math courses at academic level (e.g. calculus, discrete or stats) and physics.

1) First step: application on EIT Digital Master School portal

The admission process is centrally handled by the EIT Digital Master School Office in collaboration with the Programme Committees in their role as academic selection teams. There are several rounds of application throughout the year for September intake. For more information about specific requirements, key dates and deadlines, please check the dedicated page for application and admission on the EIT Digital Master School website.

When you apply for admission on the EIT Digital platform, you can specify some preferences of choice for Entry and Exit Universities in your study trajectory. You can select Politecnico di Milano as your preferred Entry University, where to spend your first year of studies, in combination with another university for the second year.

2) Second step: application and enrolment at Politecnico di Milano

Candidates with a non-Italian degree: if you graduated outside Italy, besides your application on the EIT Digital portal, you need to submit a parallel “conditional” application also through POLIMI Online Services. The result of this local application will be subject to the final results of the EIT Digital selection process. This step on POLIMI Online Services is compulsory if you choose POLIMI among your entry preferences, in order to meet our internal procedures for international admissions. See specific instructions and details.

Candidates with an Italian degree: you apply first through the application portal of EIT Digital Master School. If you are accepted in the programme, you’ll receive the letter with the study offer from EIT Digital and Politecnico di Milano. Then you will be asked to register on POLIMI Online Services and to apply for the local MSc in ‘Computer Science and Engineering‘ during the Summer, using the local call for admission for Italian graduates.

Newly enrolled students will start their first semester classes in mid-September

Get ready to start in September!

Tuition fees and Scholarship are handled centrally by the EIT Digital Master School Office. In order to attract outstanding talent, financial support is offered, including a wide range of merit-based scholarships as well as tuition fee reductions and waivers. Further information and updates on the Master School website at this link.

Tuition fees to Politecnico di Milano are totally waived for EIT Digital students!

Moreover, in June, every year sees a local call to assign benefits for the right to study (“Diritto allo Studio” or DSU). In addition to your merit-based EIT Digital Scholarship, you may also be eligible for this additional local scholarship from the University, which is financed by the Lombardy government and the Italian Ministry for Education. The amount of this local scholarship varies depending on the economic conditions. See here for more details.