There and back again

There and back again

Cheers to our Graduating Students!

There and back again… You started 2 years ago at Politecnico di Milano and now you are back again in Milan for your graduation.

Along this journey, you have attended 2 different universities across Europe, overcoming hardships amid world-wide pandemic.

Most importantly, you have learnt to deal with uncertainty. When things aren’t known, on the one hand, it can lead to worry and distress, on the other it creates room for possibilities.

“There and back again” – do you remember? That was the motto of our EIT Digital Kick-Off in 2019. Now, at the end of this round, you have not simply returned to the same starting point, but you have moved to a new point, drawn and driven by your motivation, creativity, curiosity, commitment, interest, and wonder.

This is growth, as you advance towards an unexplored future of possibilities waiting for you for their actualisation.

A special shout out to Marta, xing and Riccardo, the first to graduate at Polimi from the EIT Digital master class 2019-21! Congratulations to you, and to the others who are graduating in the next months! Now, take on the world!